A Morning Peacock of Links (5/1)

Open Bar

John Dink discussing grace with the most unusual (and yet refreshing, no pun intended) of analogies:

…the Gospel becomes the power of God and the wisdom of God. The power of God, because we taste something strong enough to save us. The wisdom of God, because we taste something good enough to change us. The bar is always open and the drinks are all paid for – just thank the Bar Tender, raise your glass and drink it straight. It’s all Grace.

Are you busy mixing or do you drink grace straight? Are you always in a spiritual hurry or is your soul free to rest and raise a glass? Is it possible that free grace in Christ causes people to love like Christ?

Both Chastity and Contraception: A Scandalous Capitulation

(In response to the CT article “Both Chastity and Contraception: A Sacred Compromise”) Trevin Wax on how striving for chastity while educating singles on contraception in the church is like Jesus telling the woman caught in adultery: ‘Neither do I condemn you. Go and sin some more:

Actually, this line of thinking is far worse. The idea of “both chastity and contraception” is not a “sacred compromise.” It is a scandalous capitulation to the unfettered sexual mores of 21st century American society.

This idea does not maintain the “ideal” of chastity in singleness alongside the “compromise” of contraception. Instead, it devalues the struggle to remain chaste while legitimizing sexual expression among Christian singles as something unavoidable. It trades the sumptuous feast of covenanted sexual expression for a mess of pragmatic pottage.

Arousing Ourselves to Death

Russell D. Moore on how pornography is ravaging the churches and how churches should combat and fight against it through repentance and reliance on the truth of the gospel message.

North Korea’s gulag: Never Again?

The Economist on the atrocities of North Korean gulags.


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