A Morning Peacock of Links (8/7)

A man’s life can be changed with forgiveness

When Stakwell Yurenimo, a Samburu in northern Kenya, did well on his eighthgrade exams, the Kenyan government informed him that he had qualified to go to a high school that they would choose. They also chose his roommate, a young man named Paul, who was a member of the enemy tribe, the Turkana. Stakwell determined in his mind that there was no way he would room with a Turkana. In fact, part of his culture demanded that in order to be respected as a man, he needed to kill a Turkana.

One Race, Every Medalist Ever

Pretty cool interactive article/page detailing the history of Men’s 100 meter dash in the Olympics, how athletes in 1896 compare to the athletes today, as well as other tidbits.

10 Twitter Mistakes That Make You Look Clueless

I’m probably guilty of 6 and 10. That said, in my twitter profile page, I do tell people to feel free to unfollow me hahaha.

Intuition vs. Intellect

[I]t is impossible for intelligence to reabsorb instinct. That which is instinctive in instinct cannot be expressed in terms of intelligence, nor, consequently, can it be analyzed.


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