A Morning Peacock of Links (8/1)

Some Basic Thoughts on Manhood: Worship

Our enemy is the most subtle beast in the field, and he’s been wreaking havoc on men and manhood since Adam.  So, we shouldn’t be surprised that we spend so much time debating what is “feminine” or “masculine” worship or what practices belong to “manhood” rather than actually worshiping the Lord in the freedom He gives.  We’re too often preoccupied with the idea of manhood and masculinity and too seldom preoccupied withe the privilegeand joy of actually being men–in all the diverse splendor with which God has fashioned men.  Isn’t it a curious thing that we read about manhood more than we apply ourselves to living it out?  We think carefully about the latest books on the subject while we barely think about the latest opportunity to praise God for real.  It’s a demonic diversion for far too many of us.

Now, I don’t mean to suggest that reading good books on the subject is unnecessary or unhelpful.  Reading is fundamental.  In fact, prayerful reading is an act of worship.  But I am suggesting that one quality peculiar to adolescent living is a lot of talking and information gathering and not a lot of application and consistent  habit of life.  Manhood is about worship, and worship is not a Sunday morning exercise only.  It’s what you do with your entire life.  Manhood and worship are a consistent Godward orientation, a life consecrated to His will and purpose, a life of glory seeking–His, not ours.

An Aurora Survivor Tackles the Question “So, you still think God is a merciful God?!”

A powerful post written by one of the survivors in the aftermath of the shooting incident.

My Daughter’s Beauty

How do I raise my daughter to know the true definition of beauty in a culture such as ours? How do I cultivate an image in her that is rooted in the beauty of Jesus and not the allure of a distorted sexuality?

Here are three points that I have found helpful in my journey…

20 Gore Vidal Zingers

20. “The usual question everybody asks now is: What are you proudest of, Mr. Vidal, of all your great achievements? To which I answer: ‘Despite intense provocations over the course of what is becoming a rather long life, I have never killed anybody. That is my greatest achievement.’ A little negative maybe, but that’s it.” – from Vanity Fair, 2009

Chins and Foreheads

Simple, funny, and effective, Thorsten Schmidtkord’s Head on Top series flips the traditional portrait upside down — part of it anyway. Swapping chins for foreheads, the German artist has created his own humanoid species where mouths have been eliminated, but the eyes and other facial features express each subject’s innermost feelings. Schmidtkord’s work inspires compelling thoughts about individuality in a digital age that airbrushes the living daylights out of everyone and everything it can. However, we’re still glad we can enjoy them as strange, giggle-worthy photos depicting the bearded characters in some weird, alternate universe. Click through for more.

Cool Attic, Bro

Pretty cool. It’s just too bad I can’t afford any of them.


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