A Morning Peacock of Links (7/24)


Know Your Culture

Lecrae’s words on engaging the culture and on being as shrewd as snakes and as innocent as doves:

One of the great misconceptions is that, if you’re engaging cultural forms of music, TV, film, etc. that somehow you’re being worldly, and that is antithetical to being Christian. Missionaries walk into a culture and try to figure out what that culture’s functional gospel is. “Peering into a different cultural world, that you don’t fully agree with as a Christian,” Pastor Mark Driscoll asks the Grammy-nominated artist Lecrae in this excerpted interview, “how do you maintain discernment, how do you interpret, how do you study, how do you make sure you’re going in [to culture], not just to be entertained, but to be informed?”

Here’s how Lecrae responded…

Christianity and the Fight for Culture

Matthew Hosier discusses the dichotomy/tension between two schools of thought on how Christians should engage the culture. He describes the situation quite well, but I was kind of hoping he’d address the middle ground and make a definitive conclusion. Oh well. An interesting read nonetheless:

A current fight is over Christian influence in culture. The context of this fight is in large measure the failure of the religious right in the USA to make any tangible progress towards its objectives, alongside a growing emphasis upon the church being ‘missional’. The fight has many elements, and has gone through many rounds, and raises some interesting questions.

For instance, when I walk my dogs, am I doing so missionally? Or, should I be missionally walking my dogs? Or, should I just be walking my dogs? And what if my dogs start fighting when I’m walking them – does that affect the missional nature of my dog walking, or just my walk?

Single and Off the Fast Track

An interesting look at how singles are dealing with the challenge of “having it all”:

As more young adults delay marriage into their 30s while career demands intensify, many increasingly feel overloaded. Many set high expectations for themselves, dating, staying in shape, doing volunteer work, and helping family—while still getting stellar performance reviews.


But the benefits only go so far. Heavy workloads keep many employees from using them. And for men and women alike, some managers still assume singles don’t have anything to do but work and pile on extra duties and projects, according to research by Wendy Casper, an associate professor of management at the University of Texas at Arlington.

The Attraction to Legalism

Why is legalism so attractive? It is attractive because it feeds the sinful flesh. It may not feed the flesh in the same way that sexual perversions, alcohol, drugs, and promiscuity do, but it does feed the flesh. And, I will argue that it does so in a more dangerous way, because it deceives a person into thinking he is doing the right thing while in fact he is destroying his life and the lives of those around him. Legalism feeds our fleshly bent toward self-righteousness.

The Truth About Instagram

Made me chuckle. On a side note, as a general rule, it would behoove us and our self-confidence to avoid comparing the worst of ourselves (which stay off camera and off social media) with the best of others (which obviously are posted onto social media almost instantaneously)

Superhero Typographic Classifications

This is awesome. Flash is probably my favorite one.


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