A Morning Peacock of Links (6/20)

Watch #TGCW12 Live from Orlando

The Gospel Coalition Women’s Conference commences this Friday at 12 PM EST. With speakers including Don Carson, John Piper, Tim Keller, and MANY admirable godly women speaking on a wide variety of topics including marriage, I think this will be a beneficial resource for the sisters out there. I’ll probably catch the pre-session messages on Friday and whatever else I have time for.

10 Things Young Singles in Romantic Relationships Ought to Know

Jared Wilson with a list of thoughts on things single should take care to remember. Funny how people only realize #3 in hindsight.

Honoring God in an Unequally Yoked Marriage

Sarah Flashing reflects on scripture and her own experiences in honoring God while being married to a non-believing spouse:

The apostle doesn’t specifically deal with how we navigate the every-day difficulties in this kind of marriage, nor does he encourage “missionary dating.” He does, however, speak to the ministry potential in unequally yoked situations. That the unbelieving husband “is made holy” does not say that he enjoys salvation vicariously through the believing wife, but rather that proximity to his wife’s Christ-centered living creates opportunities for godly influence. Each time a wife models godliness (1 Peter 3:1-6) to her husband, that’s another moment he’s not being influenced by the godlessness that desires to lay claim on his soul. In this way he “is made holy” because he is set apart from the world and more likely to receive the gospel. Similarly, because of the decision to remain intact as a family, children of the marriage have a greater opportunity for exposure to the influence of biblical truth.

As difficult as it is to accept—and it was for me—these words on marriage between believers and unbelievers written to the church at Corinth are not merely recommendations but timeless truths that apply today. By choosing to stay in the marriage, the unbeliever provides an opportunity for ministry to the believing spouse, aiding the restoration of two relationships. We can’t change the person we are married to—even when we want to; we can only work on becoming the person God has called us to become. This isn’t psycho-babble but an appeal to the grace and mercy of God.

My Deceptively Inept Dad

In light of Father’s Day, Travis Gasper shared his thoughts on him and his brothers being raised by their father after the passing of their mother. Though I would say my dad is a lot different from Gasper’s, I think the highs and lows he witnessed his dad experiencing is something that deeply resonates with me.

The Libraries, Studies, and Writing Rooms of 15 Famous Men

From AOM. When I buy my first house, two things are a must: a personal sauna and a legit study room/library.


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