A Morning Peacock of Links (6/15)

“May I never boast of anything except the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ”

A transcript of Peter Adam’s sermon that he preached at John Stott’s Memorial Service at St. Paul’s Cathedral last August in Melbourne. Beautiful words.

Fatherhood: The Core of the Universe

Glenn Stanton on the profound nature and centrality of fatherhood:

In the Blue Like Jazz film, one character ruefully observes that God has a major PR problem in referring to himself as Father because of the raw deal that so many have gotten from their fathers. But have we ever considered that the sins of our fathers, being so hurtful in such wounding ways, offer evidence that fatherhood is indeed divinely profound? Or that the pain itself suggests the existence of a great, welcoming Father who has placed a desire for him in the deepest part of our being?

It does so indeed, in an intense and penetrating way. It does because Fatherhood is the core of the universe.

Two Common Church Hiring Mistakes

Eric Geiger with thoughts on two mistakes churches commonly make when hiring people. Just like with any job, being the right fit is as important as having the right “credentials”, particularly when it comes to church vacancies.

Office Depot & Sharing the Gospel

The story of how a pastor shared the gospel at Office Depot.

Confessions from the longest-serving editor of Loaded

A former editor of Loaded magazine (British version of Maxim?) shares about his experiences and regrets working there, and how his perspective has been transformed ever since becoming a father:

Back then, it never once occurred to me that we were objectifying women or doing any harm. I fiercely denied that Loaded was a ‘gateway’ to harder pornographic magazines. It was in my own interests to do so. If we were classified as ‘top shelf’, we’d have been put in opaque plastic bags like the pornographic magazines, which would have been commercial suicide. But such thoughts came home to roost five years later in 2009, when I finally grew up and became a father. It had such an effect on me and changed my views so forcibly that within a year I’d quit a dream job that, for me, had become a moral nightmare. When I look back now, I see we were severely pushing the envelope of what was considered decent. We were normalising soft porn, and in so doing we must have made it more acceptable for young men to dive into the murky waters of harder stuff on the internet. And, for that, I have a haunting sense of regret…

Thinking Too Hard on the Meaning of Marriage

Another perspective on the negative “feedback” that Ian & Larissa’s story has attracted. (If you want to read more, this is another post on that topic):

Frankly, I’m disturbed by the level of debate. Why have some taken the simple sharing of Ian and Larissa’s story so PERSONALLY? If I may say a bold word—it’s not about YOU (or ME for that matter). It’s about Ian and Melissa. It’s purely THEIR story. The rest of us can just rest, praise God. This isn’t our story, it’s theirs. It’s not our circumstances, it’s theirs. The fact that many people are moved deeply by their story (I sobbed as I watched it) doesn’t mean that you or I have to feel constrained by their example. The fact that Desiring God shared Ian and Larissa’s story along with information on This Momentary Marriage means very little. It’s an example. That’s all. (emphasis added)

On a lighter note…

Becoming Well Spoken: How To Minimize Your Uhs and Ums

Brett and Kate McKay from AOM on fillers, being well-spoken, and what the use of “uh”s and “um”s indicate, depending on the situation. I don’t think grunting like Arnold Schwarzenegger or snort-laughing like a mad French chef during will cut it in law school, so I’ll definitely bookmark this post.

Where Does Greatness Come From?

Chris Ballard with an excellent (also lengthy) article on Kobe Bryant and his father, Joe “Jellybean” Bryant.

Pebble Hunting: Baseball and the “F” Word

A VERY interesting article. Insofar as GIFs of baseball players cursing are considered inappropriate, this article is NSFW. But I guess it doesn’t matter since it’s the weekend already:

When I moved up from the 11-and-12 league to 13-and-14, there was a 14-year-old kid named Andrade who had grown himself a pretty good mustache. He caught, and whenever a pitch would get past him, he would yell “F***” as he turned to retrieve the pitch. The first time I heard this, I was shocked, and almost embarrassed. I’d used my share of swears, but never like this, in front of grown-ups. I had no idea that swearing was possible on a baseball field.

Of course, swearing is very possible on a baseball field. Perhaps going back to 1898, major-league baseball has been a place where profanity has thrived. On-field microphones rarely pick up the audio (except in Boston, I’ve found), but the cameras are careful to catch foul lips in high definition. “Well, if you can read lips,” the announcers sometimes will say. “Hey you can’t say that you’re outta here,” the umpires sometimes will say. Mostly, though, we just move on and don’t talk about it. Let’s talk about it. Why not? We might as well talk about it. What follows is a taxonomy of 13 major-league F-bombs. NSFW? I honestly don’t know…


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