A Morning Peacock of Links (6/8)

Unborn babies could be tested for 3,500 genetic faults

“Scientists could soon be able to routinely screen unborn babies for thousands of genetic conditions, raising concerns the breakthrough could lead to more abortions”. Combined with the war on baby girls, this development will have huge ramifications for everyone.

Blinded by the Sight

Gary Thomas on how lust blinds men and causes them to dehumanize the women around them. Here is Thomas on what real men should really be:

Here’s what, as believers, godly men are supposed to be. Listen to this glorious picture from Isaiah 32:1-4:

“Each man will be like a shelter from the wind
and a refuge from the storm,
like streams of water in the desert
and the shadow of a great rock in a thirsty land.”

A holy man is a spiritual force, a “God oasis” in a world that needs spiritually strong people. When the winds of turmoil hit, such men are shelters. When the storms of life unleash their fury, such saints provide a refuge. When people are thirsty to be valued for who they are and for what God made them to be, holy men are like streams of water in the desert. By their words, actions and eyes, they affirm what God values most in a woman’s worth. When the heat of temptation is tearing this world apart, godly men become like the shadow of a great rock.

Men, ask yourselves, are you a shelter and a refuge toward women, who are all but “hunted” by other males? Or have you become — mentally or in practice — one of the predators from whom they need protection?

The Offense of Selfless Love

About a month ago, the story of Ian & Larissa became widespread and caught lots of attention. Both links (the original and the one I’m linking to today) explains the story in detail of how a debilitating accident that left Ian with permanent brain damage has transformed and affected their relationship and marriage. Needless to say, many applauded the self-sacrificial and covenantal aspects of their marriage. Nevertheless, Chris Castaldo notes that not all the responses to Ian & Larissa’s story have been positive. Here is Castaldo on what the unease behind some of these responses reveals:

What’s behind this unease? Certainly no one praising Larissa says her radical act of love is required by God for everyone facing similar circumstances. We have different gifts and callings, after all.

Such discomfort about Ian and Larissa may reveal a fundamental misunderstanding of Christian marriage. The Bible portrays marriage—especially when entered into by believers—not as a contractual agreement between two parties, but as a covenant relationship before God. Ian and Larissa Murphy know this.


We talk a lot in both church and in culture about the virtue of being radical. Friends, this kind of self-giving love is radical. Maybe that’s why something so obviously good is also so offensive. Truth be told, we don’t really want to be truly radical most of the time.

A Passover Conversation Between Smith and Brown

If you’ve ever struggled with doubts about your faith, this illustration from renowned New Testament scholar, D A Carson, will encourage you no end…


Remember: it’s not your faith that ultimately saves you; it’s Christ who saves you. “For Christ, our Passover lamb, has been sacrificed” (1 Cor 5:7).

On a lighter note…

Ho-Hum: Dull And Boring Are Now A Pair

The story behind the nondescript union between “Dull” and “Boring”.

10 Wacky Bedrooms

The Garden Shed, the Nest Bed, and the Tokyo Hotel ones are my favorites.

Artist Turns His Dead Beloved Cat Into A Helicopter

File this one under “wtf”, hahaha. You can watch a testdrive here.


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