A Morning Peacock of Links (5/30)

‘Your Marriage Is Doomed,’ and Other Lies Told to Children of Divorce

Caryn Rivadeneira’s interview with Jennifer Grant, author of MOMumental: Adventures in the Messy Art of Raising a Family, in which they discuss how your family background, particularly if it’s a messy one, need not spell disaster for when you have your own family. Considering there’s about 160+ ways kids raised in incomplete households typically go astray, it’s no wonder that divorce seems to spell disaster/destruction/death, or whatever negative descriptive word that starts with ‘d’ you want to use, for the kids. I appreciate and understand Grant’s experience because, growing up in a single-parent household, I’ve also faced the unique pressures and disappointments that come with the territory. Nevertheless, just like Grant, I’m nowhere near being screwed up in 160+ ways. In fact, I’d like to think this adversity, through the grace of God, has made me the person I am and the awesome chef that my dad is today.

Now, President Obama Should Defend Polygamists

Angel Castillo Jr. on the slippery slope that may result from President Obama’s stance on gay marriage.

Discipleship & Young Mothers (Four-part series)

Part 3: No time to disciple other women? No problem! 

If I examine my own life truthfully, I admit that I find myself checking into email or browsing on Facebook more than necessary. That’s just one example of how I waste time. Sometimes I want to selfishly get away from my kids for a moment. Sometimes it’s to legitimately relax or do work.

But for all those times where I am wasting my time, how much more fruitful would it be to read a good book, a gospel-centered article, or meditate on some truth of Scripture? How much more fruitful would it be if I gathered those wasted minutes and do that with another believer? The truth is that I am lazy and selfish. I want to do what is easy. And it is pathetically easier for me to be temporarily satisfied knowing the latest status of all my friends, rather than in thinking about how I might access grace through the powerful Word or thinking about how I might benefit another spiritually.

Nothing about Christ dying on the cross was convenient for Him.

Part 4: No priorities to disciple other women? No problem!

Precisely because they are learning about life by watching, don’t we want our children to see us caring for and investing in other people?

We want them to know that our relationship with our husband is a priority because God prioritizes marriage in his word.

Likewise, when I have a younger lady into my home – when my children see us discussing a book, opening Scripture or praying together or talking about Jesus while we cut up veggies –  what a marvelous opportunity it is to show them that the body of Christ is intimately involved in each other’s life.

Planned Parenthood Assists Gendercide

Lila Rose and Live Action have exposed the dark underbelly of Planned Parenthood once again. In the video above, the undercover cameras catch Planned Parenthood helping a woman who says she wants to kill her unborn child if it’s a girl but to keep it if it’s a boy. The Planned Parenthood worker even informs the mother how she can manipulate the system to get Medicaid to pay for her ultrasound.

This is a chilling video. At one point, the Planned Parenthood worker assures the patient that the abortion won’t affect her ability to have children in the future. The worker does so by informing her that she herself has had two abortions and four children.

You can read Planned Parenthood’s response here, and Burk’s rebuttal to their response here.


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