A Morning Peacock of Links (Weekend Edition)

Today Was Supposed to Be My Wedding Day

The author of this post, M. Connor, was supposed to get married today. In her post, she talks about a journey that, though painful, has made her stronger and more fulfilled than ever before:

Marriage and family are still the two things I want most in life, but I know that they’re in God’s control—not mine. Before I knew God, I tried to control my relational life by making poor decisions and sacrifices that brought little reward. Now, I find fulfillment in God. He is my rock, the one who deserves my love and attention. While it is a daily struggle to trust him with the things I care about so deeply, he has proven that he’s looking out for me. I leave my future in his hands.

Welcome to the World’s Nicest Prison

Bastoy Prison – A prime example of Norway’s rehabilitative, rather than punitive, emphasis to the justice system:

This is exactly the type of dramatic turnabout — enraged killer to gentle-giant midwife — that corrections officials in Norway hope to create with this controversial, one-of-a-kind prison, arguably the cushiest the world has to offer.

Founded in 1982, Bastoy Prison is located on a lush, 1-square-mile island of pine trees and rocky coasts, with views of the ocean that are postcard-worthy. It feels more like a resort than jail, and prisoners here enjoy freedoms that would be unthinkable elsewhere.

It’s the holiday version of Alcatraz.

How to Leave Your Old Church

After posting yesterday about how to start at your new church, Kevin DeYoung discusses several “guidelines” for people to keep in mind when considering the need/desire to leave their current church.

The real reason Kony 2012 fizzled — and why it matters

One thought on why Kony 2012 fizzled – it was simply a fad:

There have been lot of hypotheses floated for the fizzle, except for the one I think is the true cause: the brains of young people.

Fizzling is a hazard of anything you do that’s aimed at people under 30. Actually, it’s more than a hazard. It’s a virtual certainty.

Young people are driven by fads. They love to do things that “everyone” is doing. The very fact that something is big is a recommendation. So when something catches on and reaches a tipping point, it begins to generate its own energy. It can grow at unbelievable speed to incredible size. The Lance Armstrong FoundationLivestrong wristband is another example.



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