A Morning Peacock of Links (5/25)

A Wife’s Perspective on Seminary

Katie Chappell sharing a few lessons she learned from being a seminarian’s wife for the past few years.

When God Doesn’t Send Fire From Heaven

Josh Blount, referencing Ruth and Elijah, on how God’s sovereignty/faithfulness doesn’t always need to come in the form of miraculous signs:

So what do you expect God’s work in your life to look like: fire on the mountaintop, thunder and lightning and messages in the sky – or the quiet sovereignty of a “chance” occurrence? Our God often chooses to work out of our sight, but that does not mean He is any less active now, at this moment, in your life. Today, at this moment, the quiet sovereignty of God is accomplishing His purposes for your life. Are you convinced of that? If you’re struggling to believe that, here’s my suggestion: go read the book of Ruth, and learn the ways of our God through the story of a barley harvest and a broken woman.

The Man Who Took on Amazon and Saved a Bookstore

Phil Johnson looks at how Harvard Book Store, a small bookstore, survived in the face of Amazon, digitalization, and the rise of E-readers. Pretty cool:

…Over coffee, Jeff shared his original insight that led to his strategy for buying the store.

A former technology executive with a passion for reading and books, Jeff saw – like everyone else – that the digitization of content was destroying the neighborhood bookstore.

Imagine for a moment what it would feel like if people walked into your company and used the lobby to call your competitors and buy their products. That’s standard consumer behavior in a bookstore. People browse, find a book they like, pull out their smart phone, and order online.

Making an intuitive leap, Jeff wondered if the opposite could be true? Maybe access to the vast universe of digital content could also save the bookstore. Maybe the bookstore, while limited in inventory, could evolve in the digital world and become a destination where people had access to every digitized book ever published.

Just for Fun Articles

Why Do Paper Cuts Hurt So Much?

Upside Down Houses!

How to Survive the 10 Grueling Levels of Office Hell


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