A Morning Peacock of Links (5/16)

1) Six Reasons Young Christians Leave Church

Many parents and church leaders wonder how to most effectively cultivate durable faith in the lives of young people. A five-year project headed by Barna Group president David Kinnaman explores the opportunities and challenges of faith development among teens and young adults within a rapidly shifting culture. The findings of the research are included in a new book by Kinnaman titled You Lost Me: Why Young Christians are Leaving Church and Rethinking Church.

The research project was comprised of eight national studies, including interviews with teenagers, young adults, parents, youth pastors, and senior pastors. The study of young adults focused on those who were regular churchgoers Christian church during their teen years and explored their reasons for disconnection from church life after age 15.

2) Generation Blackmail

James Smith’s take on the above situation, albeit from an opposing perspective.

3) The Three Kinds of Humility Every Guy Needs

Jason Boyett on three types of humility we all need to pursue:

The 19th-century Japanese Zen master Nan-in had a visitor, a university professor who wanted to be taught about Zen. Being a Zen master, of course, Nan-in was all about the metaphorical object lesson. So he served tea. The professor held up his cup, and Nan-in started pouring.

He poured until the cup was completely full. Then he kept pouring. The tea overflowed and splashed onto the table, and the professor shouted, “It is overfull! No more will go in!”

Nan-in smiled a Zen-like smile, and said, “Like this cup, you are full of your own opinions and speculations. How can I show you Zen unless you first empty your cup?”

Most college students I know — including myself, back when I was in college — are toting around at least three different cups, in the Nan-in sense. Three mugs that are full of opinions and speculations and occasionally need to be emptied out and replaced with something greater, like servanthood or love. Humility is the cup-emptier. Here are the three kinds of humility all of us need…

4) Homosexuality and Its Quest to be the New Normal

Erik Raymond on properly engaging the issue of homosexuality as it increasingly becomes “the new normal”.

5) The Very Important “N” Word

Ruthie Dean on the importance of women needing to respond and not being afraid of saying the “n” word:

These situations can be incredibly difficult to navigate, especially when the man on the other end happens to be a really nice guy. How can you say ‘no’ to a man without taking a blow to his ego? Is it better to go on one date and give Mr. I’d Rather Be Single a chance?

Let’s flip the scenario around. How would you like it if a man took you on a date because he didn’t want to hurt your feelings. What if the next date you went on, the man told his buddies:  ”She’s really not attractive  and I couldn’t possibly imagine a future with her-but I took her out so she’d feel good about herself.” It’s dishonest and inconsiderate, isn’t it?

I’m a people pleaser, so I’ve said ‘yes’ to my share of dates that I had ZERO interest going on. In the flurry of people-pleasing, it’s often hard to be authentic. But authenticity always shows strong character.

6) A Simple Reminder About Breaking Through Creative Dry Spells



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