A Morning Peacock of Links (5/10)

Justification by Twitter

John Calvin wrote that the human heart is an idol factory. He was right.

Throughout history, we have bowed down to golden cattle, celestial beings, stone animals, and even human body parts. With the passage of time, the number of ways we exchange worship for the one true God for lesser, false gods has only increased.

Today, we can sadly add yet another idol to the list—social media.

What is the Purpose of Small Groups and Sunday School?

Obama & Same Sex Marriage

  1. Obama spiritual adviser Joel Hunter concerned about support of gay marriage

    Pastor Joel Hunter’s reactions on Obama’s official announcement of his stance.

  2. Evolution’s End? President Obama Calls for Same-Sex Marriage

    Al Mohler’s thoughts on President Obama and the evolution of his stance on same-sex marriage leading up to his recent, official announcement on the issue.

How I Wish the Homosexuality Debate Would Go

Trevin Wax on how he wishes debates on this issue would go, at least just once. It’s too bad that on most televised debates, there’s not enough time (nor interest) to facilitate an open discussion that allows Christian representatives/speakers to flesh out their convictions and where they are coming from. I’m sure there’s a certain amount (though not very much, methinks) of straw man building in this article, but Wax points out a lot of things that I agree with.

4 Reasons to Remember Your Creator in Your Youth

David Murray on remembering God during all seasons of our youth:

Our enemy says, “Youth for pleasure, middle age for business, old age for religion.” The Bible says, “Youth, middle age, and old age for your Creator.”

But as it’s especially in our youth that we are most inclined (determined?) to forget our Creator, it’s especially in these years that we must work to remember our Creator (Ecc.12:1). Remember that He made you, that He provides for you, that He cares for you, that He watches you, that He controls you; and remember that He can save you too. That’s a lot to remember, but it’s much easier to start memorizing when we are young!

10 Attributes of a Humble Leader

Humility is a desired, but often neglected characteristic of good, servant leadership. The more we promote ourselves online, the more I’m afraid humility is being forgotten. As one who has an online presence, I consistently sense God reminding me that I’ve been on the bottom and I can return there.

Pride is a struggle for many leaders (author included), but we must strive to bring humility to our leadership roles.

…Humility is not putting yourself down as a leader. It’s ultimately recognizing who you are in view of Christ and others. The danger in not being a humble leader or considering ourselves better than others, is that one day we may be “humbled”. Many of us learn humility the hard way.

Deus Absconditus and Deus Incognito

When the Roman general Pompey conquered Jerusalem in 63 BC, he entered the Holy of Holies expecting to find, if not a great deal of loot, at least a dazzling image of the deity worshiped there. He was astonished to find absolutely nothing at all, indeed, nothing but a bare room in the sacred space of perhaps the most religious and zealous people in all the Mediterranean world.

Compare this historical anecdote with a more recent example, as humorously portrayed in this parody of America’s obsession with all things Apple:


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