Fantasy Sports & Love Life

As far as I can remember, I’ve always thought there were remarkable parallels (and definite NON-parallels) between managing my fantasy teams and managing my love life. Here are some observations and principles I’ve noticed over the years.

10 Principles for managing your Fantasy Teams & Love Life:

1)   Don’t overreact to every little thing.
2)   Do NOT become obsessed – there’s no need for you to check your phone every 3 seconds.
3)   Wisely spend and steward your $$ (whether on FAAB or on dates/gifts).
4)   Seize the day! (whether asking her out for the first time or grabbing that setup guy who was just named the closer).
5)   See it through and stay committed – the night is darkest just before the dawn.
6)   Be well-informed (do your research and have a plan!) and seek the counsel of those around you.
7)   Put in a daily effort – don’t ever “coast”.
8)   Whether it’s 5 minutes after your draft or the day after your wedding, know that this is just the beginning and remember to ENJOY THE PROCESS. Consider this quote from Tim Keller:

My wife, Kathy, often says that most people, when they are looking for a spouse, are looking for a finished statue when they should be looking for a wonderful block of marble. Not so you can create the kind of person you want, but rather because you see what kind of person Jesus is making.

When Michelangelo was asked how he carved his magnificent David, his reply is reputed to have been, “I looked inside the marble and just took away the bits that weren’t David.” When looking for a marriage partner, each must be able to look inside the other and see what God is doing and be excited about being part of the process of liberating the emerging “new you.”

9)   Never let emotions be your sole, guiding force.
10) Don’t dwell on past mistakes or rest on your laurels.

10 Principles for managing your Fantasy Teams but NOT your Love Life (unless you want to get slapped):

1)   Sell high & buy low.
2)   Dip vigorously into the ‘waiver wire’ and do it often.
3)   Listen to this podcast.
4)   When you need to go out of town (or country) for official matters, get a friend to sub in for you.
5)   Play the “numbers” and “odds”. (In contrast, love, as Mark Driscoll puts it, is more like poetry than mathematics)
6)   Be extra mindful of competition.
7)   Beggars can’t be choosers (especially in deeper leagues or if you’re clawing for a playoff spot).
8)   Invest in multiple “leagues”.
9)   Always have a contingency plan (ie – ‘handcuff’ your closers, get the backup to your stud RB, etc)
10) Sometimes, it’s okay to vent about tough days on twitter and facebook.

(Note: Though this post is mostly meant to be in jest, everything I’ve written comes either from direct experience or lessons I’ve gleaned from those a lot older/smarter than I)


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