A Morning Peacock of Links (4/26)

That Idol That You Love, It Doesn’t Love You Back

Pastor Justin Buzzard on the basics of idolatry:

Do you know the idols you’re prone to worship? At our church we talk about 4 root idols that we tend to attach our lives to:

CONTROL. You know you have a control idol if your greatest nightmare is uncertainty.

APPROVAL. You know you have an approval idol if your greatest nightmare is rejection.

COMFORT. You know you have a comfort idol if your greatest nightmare is stress/demands.

POWER. You know you have a power idol if your greatest nightmare is humiliation.

Here’s what you need to know about your idol: That idol that you love, it doesn’t love you back. False gods don’t love you. Idols don’t keep their promises. Anything you worship and build your life on other than God will suck the life out of you and destroy you.

Carson and Zaspel: Rest in the Gospel or Strive Unto Holiness?

Ryan Kelly, DA Carson and Fred G. Zaspel on the resting/striving dichotomy present within Christianity. If DA Carson is involved, it is obviously a must read/watch!:

Those who have been tracking that ongoing discussion might be interested to know that many of these sanctification-related issues were recently addressed by D. A. Carson and Fred G. Zaspel at Clarus ’12, a TGC regional conference.

The 83-minute video of our panel discussion is now online. What follows is an edited, partial transcript of a few of the juicier parts (e.g., Dr. Carson’s use of the technical theological category, “scuzzball”).

A Beautiful, Dirty Mind

If you believe his IQ scores, the smartest person in the world just might be a 51-year-old former male stripper from Southern California who writes jokes for a famous late-night TV host and speaks openly of his addiction to online porn.

Rick Rosner describes himself as a cognitive freak of nature and has a raft of astronomically high IQ test results to buttress his case, including certified results in the 190s — the rarified territory of historic geniuses like Isaac Newton and Leonardo da Vinci. The Giga Society, a club for the handful of individuals who have posted one-in-a-billion scores on IQ tests, counts him as a member.

You’re Dating Mrs. Wrong If…

A few days ago, Ruthie Dean posted 10 ways you can tell whether you’re dating Mr. Wrong. Today, her husband Michael lists 8 hints for the men that they might be dating Mrs. Wrong.

I Think I’ll Just Be A Normal Christian From Now On

Stephen Altrogge on Christian labels and on being a “normal” Christian:

So I think I might just be a normal Christian from now on. In John 15:5 Jesus said: I am the vine; you are the branches. Whoever abides in me and I in him, he it is that bears much fruit, for apart from me you can do nothing.

I take this to mean that if I stay close to Jesus and spend time with Jesus and have lots of Jesus’ word in me, I will produce much fruit for Jesus. I’ll do the things that Jesus wants me to do. I’ll be a truly fruitful, successful Christian. Maybe I’ll adopt kids, but maybe not. Maybe I’ll be a missionary to India, but maybe not. Maybe I’ll host a community outreach…maybe not.

If I stay close to Jesus he’ll lead me into the good works that he has prepared for me.


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