A Morning Peacock of Links (4/5)

Seven Wrong Reasons for Dating A Guy

Perry Noble takes a look at seven ways women rationalize their dating a guy. The common thread in all seven reasons seems to be either shortsightedness or peer pressure. In my experience, #3 is the most common one.

The Importance of Writing Letters

John Erickson on the importance of maintaining the art of letter writing, especially between loved ones:

I’m inclined to think that the honesty and simplicity of the letter-voice brings us closer to “good writing” than a voice that is trying to impress an editor we’ve never met. Apprentice writers don’t always produce good stories or essays, but they usually compose good letters, and it’s a short step from a well-written letter to a well-written article, essay, sermon, Sunday school lesson, or family history.

A good, thoughtful letter is one of the nicest gifts we can give to our children when they leave home, to a friend who has experienced suffering or death, to an aging parent, or to a teacher who made a special contribution to our life. Pastors appreciate them, too.

Praying Past Preferred Outcomes

From TGC – Nancy Guthrie on praying with purpose and in submission to God’s will, even if that entails suffering. In our limited scope, we are wont to pray for the removal of suffering rather than productivity in suffering:

What would happen if we allowed Scripture to provide the outcomes we prayed toward? What if we expanded our prayers from praying solely for healing and deliverance and success to praying that God would use the suffering and disappointment and dead ends in our lives to accomplish the purposes he has set forth in Scripture? Scripture provides us with a vocabulary for expanding our prayers for hurting people far beyond our predetermined positive outcomes. Instead of praying only for relief, we begin to pray that the glory of God’s character would be on display in our lives and the lives of those for whom we are praying. We pray for the joy of discovering that the faith we have given lip service to over a lifetime is the real deal. We ask God to use the difficulty to make us less self-reliant and more God-reliant. Rather than only begging him to remove the suffering in our loved ones’ lives, we ask him to make them spiritually fruitful in the midst of suffering he chooses not to remove.

3 Overlooked Reasons Jesus Cleansed the Temple

From Logos Made Flesh – A look at three deeper (and often overlooked) reasons why Jesus ‘cleansed’ the temple. It goes beyond simple annoyance and anger on Jesus’ part.


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