A few weeks ago, I was at some cafe with a friend, both of us trying to get reading done. At a table next to us was a girl and her apparent BFF. After her BFF arrived, it was hard to NOT overhear just about everything and everyone they were talking #$%! about. It wasn’t so much us overhearing a private conversation as much as it was their ‘private’ conversation invading the studies my friend and I had hoped to accomplish that afternoon.

To this day, I still remember every name, expletive and complaint that this girl uttered. However, what strikes me more than her anger, cursing and overall boisterousness is the fact that, deep down, she seems to revel in her drama (both real and manufactured).

Having had the ‘privilege’ to hear this girl’s problems along with her BFF’s follow-up “AMEN SISTER!” comments, I can attest to the fact that this girl had NOTHING good to say about the people she was complaining about, particularly her BF/love interest/dude. Logic dictates that if she had such a sour taste/experience with people like this guy she kept smashing, then she should have cut ties with these people. However, after complaining and cursing up a storm for 25 minutes, she began hinting at leaving the door wide open for continuing relations with these people she seemingly wanted no part of anymore.

As far as I heard, there wasn’t anything life-threatening involved or any psychological issues apparent. In fact, most of it was high school level drama. So, for people like this girl, is it as simple as saying that they simply love and are addicted to drama? Is there something deep within them that fears the monotone and status quo? Ultimately, is drama and ‘entertainment’ so important to these people that they’ll go through severe suffering (physical, emotional, spiritual, etc) for it?

If I go any further, I’ll end up making assumptions and being judgmental, so I’ll stop now.


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