A Morning Peacock of Links (3/26)

Reason for Optimism in Policy Toward Chinese Christians

From TGC – In theory, the laws in China have traditionally limited Christianity and persecution persists to this day. However, the gray areas the laws don’t cover have worked in such a way that has fostered a growth of the church in China. The article takes a look at the causes and possible effects of this dichotomy.

44 Funny Church Bulletin Bloopers

Just for laughs – 44 bloopers, tongue-in-cheek “mistakes”, and other misprints in church bulletins that are worth a chuckle or two.

“The God Who Sees Me”: Achu’s Hope

An awesome story of medical missions, finding faith and God’s providence. Powerful.

“A Kony 2012 Response”

The following video is from NewHopeUganda. Not that it’s competing against IC for the same cause or anything, but it gives a different take in regards to how the real war against forces like Kony will be won: with forgiveness and love:

Charles is a former abducted child soldier who through the grace of God has chosen to forgive his captors rather than seek revenge. We believe that the weapon that will change the issue of Kony and the many children affected by his atrocities is the releasing power of forgiveness.

You may wonder if we believe Kony should be brought to justice. Absolutely! We praise God that Invisible Children has helped bring these atrocities into the light once again, and we pray that this campaign will help end Kony’s efforts to steal, kill and destroy. But more importantly is the transformation only God can bring to the lives of the numerous children scarred by the actions of Kony and the LRA. Truthfully, if healing and forgiveness doesn’t take precedence in the hearts of these former child soldiers, then we can expect revenge and hatred to rule and Kony’s own victims to rise up in his place.


“Why I Love Jesus But Reject Islam”

A collaborative response by Alpha & Omega Ministries + Ivey Conerly to this video by Kamal Saleh. Admittedly, I’m not informed enough on Islam to fully respond myself, but I can say the original video definitely made Christianity into a straw man in its selective citations and lack of understanding (or even a mentioning) of the gospel message. Either way, both videos give us things to think about.



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