Potent Quotables (3/24)

Sheldon Vanauken:

And our trust in each other will not only be based on love and loyalty, but on the fact of a thousand sharings — a thousand strands twisted into something unbreakable.

Mike Mason:

Of course, this is just another way of saying that love is not an emotion or an experience, but a promise, a resolve, an act of the will. The impact of love may be felt as an exclamation mark, but vows ask a question. “How bright is the sun!” exclaims love, while the vows ask, “How dark a night are you prepared to pass through?” Marriages that are dependent on good feelings fall apart, or at best are in for a stormy time of it. But marriages that consistently look back to their vows, to those wild promises made before God, and that trust Him to make sense out of them, find a continual source of strength and renewal.

Cornelius Plantinga:

People tend to make two mistakes when they think about the redeemed life. The first is to underestimate the sin that remains in us; it’s still there and it can still hurt us. The second is to underestimate the strength of God’s grace; God is determined to make us new.

As a result, all Christians need to say two things. We admit that we are redeemed sinners. But we also say boldly and joyously that we are redeemed sinners.


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