A Morning Peacock of Links (3/22)

Smartphones in Churches

I’ve always wondered about the tension of using technology as bible (smartphones, iPad, e-readers, etc). Is it as simple as the person’s heart and discipline in using the technology? Or should standards be more clear cut?

The Irony of Atheism

From TGC – A pre-emptive response by Christian scholars to the “Reason Rally” being held by leading atheists.

Do People Who Commit Suicide Automatically Go To Hell?

C Michael Patton deals with a tough question sent in by a reader.

A Note to Dads with Daughters

Pastor Perry Noble’s exhortation for father’s to battle through “awkwardness” to be a positive influence in their daughters’ lives:

Charisse is older now…she can talk to me and tell me what she wants.  We still go on a date every Saturday morning and just the other day I asked her how much longer she wanted to have daddy dates on Saturday mornings…she replied, “for the rest of my life!”

I’ve got to be honest…I had a lump in my throat and fought back tears!!!  Then it hit me…the reason she said that is because I fought through the awkwardness.  I did not give her to Lucretia and somehow believe the false assumption that I would establish some sort of relationship with her when she became older because of the awkwardness.

Why Egalitarianism Failed My Marriage

Author recalls how the egalitarianism model didn’t work for him and his wife. He lists lessons and moments along the way that steered their marriage towards a complementarian way of things and how that has worked to their benefit since then.


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