The Last Day

During the Fort Lauderdale stop of Mark Driscoll’s Real Marriage Conference (my friends and I attended the San Diego stop a few weeks ago and were extremely blessed), tragedy struck a couple that was in attendance.

Pastor Mark eloquently described and reflected on the tragedy, but I’m still speechless. To be honest, I feel like I’ve been punched in the gut… feeling pretty speechless right now. After a year of studying and reading up on marriage, the gravity of this tragedy puts me in my place and reminds me that while I might “know about” marriage, I really don’t “understand it” at all.

I guess the impact of this tragedy struck a deep chord within me because of all marriages around me that have either failed or remain distant from Jesus. It also strips me of my presumptuousness in thinking that I’ll have a great marriage that will last until my wife and I are old and gray and that we’ll both pass away at the same time, holding hands. Mark Driscoll soberly concluded his post by writing:

Lastly, this is a good reminder for us all: none of us knows when the last day of our life or the life of someone we love will be. In God’s providence, this is my sermon topic on Sunday as we finish the Real Marriage series, the last day. There should be a sense of urgency for us to grow in friendship with Jesus and our spouse if we are married.

Today is the day to give your life to Jesus if you are not yet a Christian. And, today is the day to work things out with your spouse by God’s grace.

While I deeply grieve with and for Mike, I am so glad that the last day for his wife was the best day of her life. She was loved well by her husband and welcomed home by her Jesus.

Prayers go out to Mike, the couple’s friends and families, and their church.


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