Stray Bullets (3/15)

– At a certain point, the proliferation of texting and social media apps (kakao, line, imessage, fb, twitter, pinterest, path, etc) becomes a little ridiculous. All it means is that you now have a billion different ways to talk to the same 5 friends.

– When I went MIA last week, people were very skeptical of the reasons I gave them for disappearing. You see, my high school friend came back from India, and my aunt was visiting from Argentina. Hmm… actually, if I were them, I’d find that a little hard to believe myself!

– Sisters: “God created you–designed you…and it wasn’t so you can throw yourself at a guy, hoping that he notices. Fall in love with Jesus and a godly guy will notice, I promise.”

– Neil Postman on the instancy/constancy dichotomy:

We have had a rapid emergency of an all-instant society: instant therapy, instant religion, instant food, instant friends, even instant reading. Instancy is one of the main teachings of our present information environment. Constancy is one of the main teachings of civilization.

– My S.O.B will be my spouse. And by “S.O.B” I’m referring to “Standard of Beauty”.

– Once a broken bone heals, it is often strongest at the point of the fracture. God can heal all shame and reroute past failures towards future successes.


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