A Morning Peacock of Links (3/15)


If only babies really did pop out with a kiss, like in this video. Either way, it’s kind of adorable.


An application that you swore already existed, but will be a new feature on the iPhone 5:

So, how does iWallet work? Well, first there’s the home screen. Users can see their entire credit card profiles, view statements, messages from their banks, and even adjust preferences or add additional cards. Within the preferences, users can schedule credit card payments and set parental controls on their children, should they also want to use their iPhones as wallets. In other words, if a child exceeds a certain limit — set by the parent, of course — the transaction could request an authorization from the parent’s iPhone, or simply decline the request. It’s extremely simple and easy for anyone to use.

Gracious Tolerance and Tolerant Grace

Barnabas Piper on the call for Christians to be MORE than just tolerant, but certainly not less. Also, the secular notion of tolerance is something, just as D.A. Carson called for, Piper says we should avoid adopting:

But Christians aren’t called to tolerance. Tolerance isn’t a biblical command or even a biblical value.

Rather, just like most biblical standards, Christians are called to something more than mere tolerance. Just as Jesus used the “you have heard that was said … but I say to you …” model, so it should be for Christians in this case. You have heard that it was said, “Be tolerant of all people and their values,” but I say to you, “Be gracious to all people and value their souls.”

Dad’s, Sing Like You Mean It Because Your Kids Are Watching

Beautiful account of one man’s father, the hymns they sang together, and legacy. I teared up reading this, but that was probably because I was chopping onions like E. Honda.



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