Potent Quotables (3/5)

Theodore Roosevelt:

The unforgivable crime is soft hitting. Do not hit at all if it can be avoided; but never hit softly.

Jared C. Wilson (author of this book that I just finished and would highly recommend) during his conference this past weekend:

“There is no such thing as an atheist; everybody worships something. That thing which, if taken from us, would cause us true despair, that is our god.”

(On drawing people to church with fog machines, laser lights and coffee shops and trying to “slip in” the gospel) “Don’t put the gospel in a Trojan Horse.”

“What judge stands in the place of the guilty man? Only Jesus.”

“The end of yourself is the beginning of God’s glory.”

“When you idolize someone you abuse them. Because you put on them the weight of God. And they cannot bear it.”

Gene Hackman:

The difference between a hero and a coward is one step sideways.


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