A Morning Peacock of Links (3/5)

3 Do’s and Don’ts When Faced With Gospel Opposition

From Resurgence – 3 Do’s and Don’ts to follow in sharing about Christianity. Personally, Don’t #3 has always been a struggle for me.

Expert on Child Spirituality Arrested on Child Porn Charges

Very saddening news:

A Wheaton College professor noted for his work on the spiritual formation of children was arrested Thursday for allegedly possessing child pornography.

Donald Ratcliff, the Price-Lebar Professor of Christian Education at Wheaton, was charged after an investigation that tracked Web users trading child porn. Investigators say they found pornographic images of preteen children on at least six computers seized from Ratcliff’s home.

Police also seized two guns and 1,600 rounds of ammunition from his home. Ratcliff did not have a firearm owner’s identification card and faces charges for possession of the munitions. Ratcliff’s attorney told The Daily Herald the guns are “family heirlooms,” but added no further comment on the case.

He’s Not My ‘Type’

From Boundless – A reader asks how she is to cope with the fact that the only thing seemingly holding her back from further commitment with her boyfriend is attraction issues. In my opinion, it seems like she answers her own question in her opening paragraphs:

I’ve been with my boyfriend for two years. We’re both in our mid-20s, and he wants to get engaged. I keep saying, “Wait,” and I can’t explain why.

He’s passionate about the Lord, sacrificial, wise, kind, gentle, humble, driven. He is a family guy. He makes our relationship a priority. He’s a leader, has a graduate degree, a good job and a wonderful personality — and he makes me smile. Everyone who knows him gets along with him. My family, his family and our friends keep asking when we’re going to get engaged. I just postpone it, and I think it may have to do with attraction.

He’s a handsome guy, but not the “type” I ever imagined myself with. Even though he’s not my dream “type,” he’s not unattractive to me. He’s pretty cute, and, yes, I can see myself enjoying kissing him in the future.

How Sunday School Can Change Your Church’s Culture

To be honest, I was hoping this would talk about children’s Sunday School, but the author shares his experience of how Sunday School for adults at his church changed their culture:

…the lack of a Sunday School class on an important topic has sometimes inhibited culture change. Without a single, comprehensive body of material that adequately covers a topic, the job of teaching and influencing thinking in the church is left to sermon application that, while helpful, is neither comprehensive nor interactive. A topical sermon series can help, but a preacher can afford to preach topically only so often. And even when a topical series touches on some matter, it touches the matter just once. Most of our churches are increasingly transient, which means that some subjects need to be addressed regularly.





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