Potent Quotables (2/29)

C.H. Spurgeon:

…but what avails that covenant to us until the Holy Spirit brings us its blessings, and opens our hearts to receive them? There hang the blessings on the nail – Christ Jesus; but being short of stature, we cannot reach them; the Spirit of God takes them down and hands them to us, and thus they become actually ours. Covenant blessings in themselves are like the manna in the skies, far out of mortal reach, but the Spirit of God opens the windows of heaven and scatters the living bread around the camp of the spiritual Israel. Christ’s finished work is like the wine stored in the wine-vat; through unbelief we can neither draw nor drink. The Holy Spirit dips our vessel into this precious wine, and then we drink; but without the Spirit we are as truly dead in sin as though the Father never had elected, and the Son had never bought us with His blood.

Mark Driscoll:

Your standard of beauty is your spouse.

Dustin Kensrue:

Oh, when you kiss me I am lost – or is it that I’m found?
My feet send roots beneath the rocks to fix me to the ground, never to float away again. A captive to the tide, no more to wander in the wind without you by my side.

My love, how beautiful you are.
My love is everywhere you are.


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