A Morning Peacock of Links (LEAP DAY EDITION)

Wanted: Tough Christians

Gary Thomas looks at Jeremiah as an example of grit and determination that’s often missing amongst North American Christians:

It is the church’s duty and calling to raise men and women with the strength of Jeremiah who will not wilt in the face of the fiercest persecution imaginable — whether it’s being strong in facing down their own temptations or being tough in not seeking to please popular opinion above the approval of God. Scripture and Christian history both teach us that God allows the church to go through seasons of persecution, and while North America isn’t physically torturing believers, popular society is certainly ridiculing and sometimes ostracizing us. If we aren’t prepared for this — and if we don’t prepare others — we’ll either “adjust” our message accordingly or collapse into bitterness, thinking that God hasn’t kept up His end of the bargain.

Martin Luther Insult Generator

Self explanatory. Here are the past three insults I’ve gotten. Ouch:

You are admirable, fine, pious sows and asses.

Your astute minds have been completely turned into stinking mushrooms.

Every letter of yours breathes Moabitish pride. So much can a single bull inflate a single bubble that you practically make distinguished asses into gods.

Did the Titanic Sink Because of an Optical Illusion?

Light refraction may have caused the Titanic to crash into icebergs. Interesting study. (Diagrams + Explanations)



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