A Morning Peacock of Links (3/1)

GCB: Desperate Christian Housewives

In a word: FACE-PALM

Why Doctors Die Differently

Interesting. The author (a retired clinical assistant Professor of Family Medicine) talks about how Doctors plan for death quite differently from patients and how there might be something to learn from that. An excerpt:

Unlike previous eras, when doctors simply did what they thought was best, our system is now based on what patients choose. Physicians really try to honor their patients’ wishes, but when patients ask “What would you do?,” we often avoid answering. We don’t want to impose our views on the vulnerable.

The result is that more people receive futile “lifesaving” care, and fewer people die at home than did, say, 60 years ago. Nursing professor Karen Kehl, in an article called “Moving Toward Peace: An Analysis of the Concept of a Good Death,” ranked the attributes of a graceful death, among them: being comfortable and in control, having a sense of closure, making the most of relationships and having family involved in care. Hospitals today provide few of these qualities.

If the Apostle Paul Believed in the Historical Adam, Must We?

An in-depth look over recent discussions over the historicity of Adam and how it relates to the Christian gospel. (Related articles here and here):

The concern, then, is not whether modern evangelicals’ view of Adam should hinge on Paul’s view of Adam—though I suppose we could be accused of worse things—but whether Paul’s view of salvation, the forgiveness of sins, and the resurrection hinges on his view of Adam.

The Elements in True Reformation

An excerpt from J.I. Packer’s “Hot Tub Religion” that addresses the question “What would a work of divine reformation in our churches today look like?”


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