Meandering Musings

…On relating with parents

  • Though it wouldn’t resolve our disagreements for the rest of eternity, I genuinely believe that were they able to speak perfect english and/or were I perfect korean, it would make it a LOT easier to relate to one another. Can’t count how many times the language barrier either caused or aggravated our disagreements.
…On relationships
  • I thought I’d put this in the right perspective. Turns out, I still need to work on guarding my heart. God tested me in interesting ways.
…On meeting people
  • For the first time in a long time, I seem to be constantly awkward when I meet new people. Whether that “social mojo” existed in the first place, I feel naked..
…On wrestling
  • CM Punk’s brought me back to the WWE. He and Christian are the only guys that make me want to tune in, and unsurprisingly, they’re the last vestiges of the heyday of the WWF that I grew up loving.
…On health
  • Like all things, maintaining health is about building good habits. As I continue to chug “hanyak”, eat oatmeal, brown rice, veggies, boiled beef/chicken/pork, my body feels internally cleaner, if that makes sense.
  • Long story short: In 2005 (my senior year of HS), I was 5’6″ and 210 pounds. By the end of my first year at USC, I was almost 5’8″ and down to 170 pounds. However, from then on, I’m pretty sure I’ve regained most of it back, and now I’m back to trying to get right again.


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